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Aniseed Balls (100g)
Aniseed Balls are small hard dark cherry red balls with a strong aniseed flavour.   These An..
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Bonbons - Apple Bonbons (100g)
Apple Bonbons are a lovely soft and chewy apple flavoured sweet with a dusting of powder. Bonbons..
Bonbons - Lemon Bonbons (100g)
Lemon Bonbons are a soft chewy lemon toffee flavoured sweet with a dusting of powder. Other bonbo..
Bonbons - Strawberry Bonbons (100g)
Strawberry bon bons are a deliciously chewy strawberry flavoured toffee sweet with a dusting of powd..
Bonbons - Toffee Bonbons (100g)
Toffee bonbons are a delicious chewy toffee sweet that has a light dusting of powder. Another pop..
Dolly Mix (100g)
Dolly Mixture is a beautiful mix of small fruit flavoured sugar and jelly sweets. This Retro sw..
Fizzy Cola Bottles (100g) (BBD: 01/2018)
Fizzy Cola Bottles are bottle shaped gummy sweets with a fizzy cola flavour. Yummmm. ..
Fruit Jellies (100g)
Made in England, Kingsway Fruit Jellies are an assortment of fruit flavoured, sugar coated, very jel..
Scottish Tablet - Handmade in Scotland (100g)
Athole Scottish Tablet is handmade in Scotland to a traditional Scottish recipe.  Tablet is ..
Watermelon Slices (100g)
These watermelon flavoured gummy slices really do taste like watermelon with a touch of sourness as ..