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Monster Munch PICKLED ONION (40g) (Best Before: 1/4/17)
Walkers Mega Monster Munch Pickled Onion are a pickle onion flavoured baked corn snack.   Pi..
Monster Munch Roast Beef MULTI - 6pk (BBD: 27/5/17) **NEW**
Monster Munch Roast Beef flavoured baked corn snacks in a handy Multipack! Bag contains 6 x 22g p..
Quavers "Bigger" Grab Bag (34g) (Best Before: 25/3/17) *Last 1*
Walkers Quavers Cheese flavour snacks in a new Grab Bag pack. Quavers are a light curly potato ch..
$3.50 $3.00
Quavers Snack (20g) (Best Before: 13/5/17)
Walkers Quavers are a light curly potato cheese flavoured snack. Launched in 1968, Quavers are kn..
Walkers Cheese & Onion (32.5g) (BBD: 18/3/17) **REDUCED - 15 only**
Walkers Cheese and Onion Crisps -  Best Before date has just past so product has been reduced.&..
$2.50 $2.20
Walkers Cheese & Onion (32.5g) (Best Before: 15/4/17)
Walkers Cheese and Onion flavoured potato crisps.  Made with 100% British potatoes, Walkers ..
Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps (32.5g) (Best Before: 11/3/17) "REDUCED - 6 only**
Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps - Clearance Stock Although this stock has past its best before date..
$2.50 $1.50
Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps (32.5g) (Best Before: 22/4/17)
Walkers Prawn Cocktail flavoured crisps with Vale of Eversham Tomatoes. Made with 100% Great Brit..
Walkers Smoky Bacon Crisps (32g) (Best Before: 06/05/17)
Walkers scrumptiously Smoky Bacon flavoured crisps.  Made with 100% British potatoes and por..
Walkers Worcester Sauce Crisps (32.5g) (Best Before: 11/3/17) **REDUCED**
Walkers Worcester Sauce flavoured crisps.   No artificial colours or preservatives. No MSG. ..
$2.50 $2.00
Walkers Wotsits Cheese (22.5g) (Best Before: 20/05/17)
Walkers Cheesy Wotsits are delicious cheesy corn puffs and are an extremely popular UK snack. ..