Orangina Sparking Fruit Drink (420ml Bottle) (Best Before End: 02/2019) **50% OFF**

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Orangina Sparkling Fruit Drink - 420ml Plastic Bottle

Orangina is an orange drink with a unique flavour. 

This lightly carbonated drink is a combination of orange and citrus fruits (lemon, grapefruit and mandarin) and uses real fruit pulp and natural orange zest to give you a taste of the Mediterranean! 

Orangina was born in Spain in 1935 and launched in 1936 and has been popular throughout Europe and the UK since.  

Orangina is the No 1 Orange carbonate in France and third in Europe.

Great to drink alone, but Orangina is also a great mixer.

To get the full enjoyment from your Orangina, don't forget to give it a gentle shake before opening.

Country of Origin Product of UK.

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