Lyles Squeezy Strawberry Syrup (325g) (Best Before: 06/2018) **SPECIAL**

Brand: TATE & LYLE
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Tags: desserts

Lyle's Squeezy Strawberry flavour Dessert Syrup gives your desserts a delicious strawberry lift!

Tate & Lyle's Strawberry Syrup comes in an easy flow squeezy bottle and is perfect for pouring onto desserts, ice cream, pancakes and more.

Free from artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.  

Gluten free - Suitable for Vegans - Suitable for Vegetarians.

Ingredients Glucose-fructose Syrup, Strawberry Juices (5%), Citric Acid, Natural Colour: Anthocyanins. Natural Flavouring.
Country of Origin Produced in the UK.

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