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Yes, it is 'the real Marmite'.   Made by Unilever in the UK and exported to Australia and NZ under the brand name 'Our Mate'.   Remember the slogan "our mate Marmite'?

Marmite was first produced in 1902 and is an irresistible yeast-based spread that has divided a nation since it found its way into British grocery stores.  Marmite is considered the most loved AND the most hated food product in the nation!! 

PS. In case you didn't know it, Sanitarium have the rights to the brand name 'Marmite' downunder and make their own slightly sweeter version. 


Suitable for Vegetarians.

Ingredients Yeast Extract, Salt, Vegetable Extract, Vitamin Niacin, Spice Extract, Vitamins: B1, B2, Celery Extract, Vitamins: Folic Acid, B12. Made in the UK by Unilever UK.
Country of Origin Product of England

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