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Walkers  Liquorice Toffee (100g Bag) (Best Before: 22-08-18)
Walkers Liquorice Toffee is a firm chewy toffee and liquorice blend. Individually wrapped for your c..
Walkers Assorted Toffees & Chocolate Eclairs (150g) (Best Before: 14-08-18)
Walkers' Nonsuch Assorted Toffees and Chocolate Eclairs in 150g bags.   Using only the ..
Walkers Cheese & Onion Crisps (32.5g) (Best Before: 30-12-17) (50% Off - 3 ONLY)
Walkers Cheese and Onion flavoured potato crisps are a classic British crisp.  What better comb..
$2.50 $1.25
Walkers Frazzles (43g) PMP (Best Before:  05-02-18)
Frazzles crispy crunchy bacon flavoured corn snacks in a new larger size pack. Walkers Frazzles a..
Walkers Nonsuch Toffee Duo Hammer (200g) (BBD: 19-07-18)
Christmas isn't the same without a slab of Walkers Original and Nutty Brazil Toffee and a Hammer to ..
Walkers Nutty Brazil Toffees - 150g Bag (Best Before: 19-08-18)
Walkers' Nonsuch Nutty Brazil Toffees in 150g bags.   Using only the finest ingredients Walk..
Walkers Prawn Cocktail Crisps (32.5g) (Best Before: 30-12-17) (50% Off)
Walkers Prawn Cocktail flavoured crisps with Vale of Eversham Tomatoes. Made with 100% Great Brit..
$2.50 $1.25
Walkers Smoky Bacon Crisps (32.5g) (Best Before: 23-12-17) (50% Off)
Walkers scrumptiously Smoky Bacon flavoured crisps.  Made with 100% British potatoes and por..
$2.50 $1.25
Walkers Toffee Block - BRAZIL NUT Toffee (100g Block) (Best Before: 4/4/18)
Andy Pack Walkers famous Brazil Nut Toffee in a chewy 100g block. We also stock Walkers Toffee in..
Walkers Toffee Block - LIQUORICE Toffee (100g Block) (Best Before: 17/02/19)
Andy Pack Walkers Liquorice Toffee in a chewy 100g block. We also stock Walkers Toffee in Origina..
Walkers Toffee Block - ORIGINAL Toffee (100g Block) (Best Before: 03/11/18)
Andy Pack Walkers Original Toffee in a chewy 100g block. We also stock the Walkers Toffee in Trea..
Walkers Toffee Block - TREACLE Toffee (100g Block) (Best Before: 17/07/18)
Andy Pack Walkers delicious Treacle Toffee in a 100g block. We also stock the Andy Pack Walkers T..
Walkers Treacle Toffee (Treacle Dabs) (100g Bag) (Best Before: 03/03/18)
Walkers are reknowned for their treacle toffee and many consider the Walkers Nonsuch brand the best ..