McVities Victoria Biscuits Carton - 300g

Brand: McVITIE'S
Product Code: X00415A
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Best Before Date: 02-05-20

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The McVities Victoria Biscuit Box has arrived just in time for Christmas 2019.

With this deliciously indulgent biscuit selection, you can turn any occasion into a Celebration!

Carton includes the following McVities biscuits:

Plain Chocolate Finger Cookie, Milk Chocolate Biscuit Cookie, Fully Coated Milk Chocolate Square, Fully Coated Milk Chocolate Digestives, Half Coated Plain Chocolate Digestives, Milk Chocolate Shortcake, Choc Crumble, Milk Chocolate Wheel, Chocolate Chip Cookie, White Chocolate Cream Wafer.

A box of McVities Victoria Biscuits makes a delicious Christmas present or just treat yourself and your family!

Country of Origin Made in the UK.

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