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Bounty Spread with Coconut Flakes (200g) (Best Before: 21/01/18)
Mars Bounty Spread has finally arrived in Australia! Mars has launched a range of spreads in the ..
Galaxy Milk Chocolate Bar (42g) (Best Before: 19/11/17)
Galaxy Chocolate Bar:  A smooth and creamy plain milk chocolate bar.  The plain milk Ga..
Galaxy Milk Chocolate LARGE Block (114g) (Best Before: 21/01/18)
Galaxy Chocolate:  A family size block of deliciously smooth Galaxy milk chocolate. If Galax..
Galaxy Minstrels (42g) (Best Before:  26/11/17)
A Galaxy Minstrel is smooth and creamy milk chocolate captured in a crisp shell.  Grab a packet..
Galaxy Minstrels Pouch (MEGA 232g Bag) (Best Before: 3/09/17) **SALE**
Mars Galaxy Minstrels in an even bigger 232g bag - more delicious Minstrels to share or maybe not! ..
$12.50 $9.50
Galaxy Ripple (33g) (Best Before: 1/10/17)
Galaxy Ripple is a smooth and creamy chocolate with an inner ripple centre. Part of the great ran..
Maltesers Teasers Chocolate SPREAD  (200g) (Best Before: 29/09/17)
If you love Maltesers then you will love the new Maltesers Teasers Spread in a 200g jar.  Ma..
Revels (35g) (Best Before: 17/9/17)
Revels are the 'mystery' chocolate from the UK. With assorted centres of orange, coffee, malted, ..
Twix Chocolate Caramel Spread (200g) (OUT OF STOCK - ETA 15/8/17)
Mars UK has launched a range of tasty spreads which includes Twix Spread. Mars Twix Spread is lov..