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After Eight Mint Chocolate (300g) (Best Before: 04/2018) **SPECIAL**
Nestle After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins are a classic British chocolate and were first introduced in..
$17.50 $15.00
Bacon Fries (25g) (Best Before:  30-12-17) (10% Off)
Bacon Fries are a cereal snack with that extra crunchy bacon taste.  Popular in UK pubs and tot..
$2.50 $2.25
Bassetts Jelly Babies (460g Box) (Best Before: 10/02/18) **20% Off**
Bassett's Jelly Babies are, in our opinion, the best jelly babies around.   They are ma..
$17.50 $14.00
Bassetts Jelly Babies PMP (165g Bag) (Best Before: 26-01-18) (20% Off)
Bassetts Jelly Babies  - 165g bags. Traditional gummy sweets. ..
$5.95 $4.75
Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts (460g Box) (Best Before: 07/02/18) **20% OFF**
Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts are, in our opinion, the original and the best Liquorice Allsorts aroun..
$17.50 $14.00
Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts PMP (165g Bag) (Best Before: 14/01/18) (20% Off)
The original and the best - Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts in 165g bag. Also available in gift box. ..
$5.95 $4.75
Batchelors Bigga Marrowfat Peas (300g) (Best Before: 03/2019) (10% Off)
Batchelors Marrowfat Peas are made with processed peas, water, sugar and salt. Consistently plump..
$2.40 $2.15
Birds Dream Topping (36g) (Best Before End: 11/2017) **50% OFF**
Bird's Dream Topping is a handy mix to keep in your cupboard and use when you want to make your dess..
$5.50 $2.75
Bolands Fig Rolls (200g) (Best Before: 23/10/17) **50% OFF**
Bolands of Ireland Fig Rolls - Reduced to Clear Short dated stock has been reduced to clear - Get..
$4.95 $2.50
Brachs Autumn Mix Candy (Candy Corn) (119g Bag) (USA) (BBD: 08-07-18)
Brach's Mellocreme Autumn Mix Candy - 4.2oz/119g bag. Brach's Autumn Mix contains an assortment o..
$4.50 $3.50
Cadbury Bournville Bar (45g) (Best Before: 21/9/17) **50% OFF - 4 Left**
Cadbury Bournville Dark Chocolate Bar - Reduced to Clear. This Cadbury Bournville Bar stills grea..
$3.00 $1.50
Crawfords Bourbon Creams (150g) (Best Before: 04-11-17) **50% OFF - 3 Left**
Crawford's Bourbon Creams  - Reduced to Clear. ..
$4.95 $2.45
Daim Bar (28g) (Best Before: 25/12/17) (20% Off)
Daim bars are a thin crunchy caramel candy bar covered in chocolate. Originating from Sweden and ..
$2.50 $2.00
HP Fruity Sauce (255g) (Best Before: 01/01/18) **SALE**
HP Fruity Sauce is a unique mild and tangy brown sauce.  Fruity Sauce is a milder version ..
$6.95 $5.95
Hula Hoops BBQ Beef (34g) (Best Before: 13-01-18) (10% Off)
Hula Hoops BBQ Beef flavoured snack.  Launched in 1973, Hula Hoops are a crunchy potato snack s..
$2.60 $2.35
Hula Hoops Cheese & Onion (34g) (Best Before: 11-11-17) (30% OFF)
Cheese & Onion Hula Hoops - Best Before date has now past so crisps have been reduced.  ..
$2.60 $1.80
Hula Hoops Cheese & Onion (34g) (Best Before: 23/12/17) (10% OFF)
Cheese & Onion Hula Hoops are crunchy potato rings in cheese and onion flavour.  Want va..
$2.60 $2.35
Hula Hoops Original (34g) (Best Before: 13-01-18) (10% OFF)
Hula Hoops Original flavoured crisps are a very crunchy potato ring snack. Put them on your finge..
$2.60 $2.35
Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar (34g) (Best Before: 09-12-17) (10% OFF)
Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar - the crunchy potato rings you can wear and eat off your fingers! F..
$2.60 $2.35
Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar (34g) (Best Before: 11-11-17) (30% OFF)
Hula Hoops Salt & Vinegar - Reduced to Clear. These snacks are still in good condition and ta..
$2.60 $1.80
Jacobs / McVities Mini Cheddars (50g) (Best Before: 11-11-17) (50% Off)
Jacobs McVities Mini Cheddars 50g Bag:  Reduced to Clear. This stock has just past its best ..
$3.80 $1.90
Jacobs/McVities Mini Cheddars (50g Bag) (Best Before:  02-12-17) (20% Off)
McVities Mini Cheddars have been rebranded as Jacobs Mini Cheddars. McVities/Jacobs Original Mini..
$3.80 $3.00
Lion Midget Gems (150g) PMP (Best Before: 07/2018) **NEW**
Lion Midget Gems - traditional gummy sweets. Lion Midget Gems are firm fruit flavoured and liquor..
$5.90 $4.90
Lyles Squeezy Strawberry Syrup (325g) (Best Before: 06/2018) **SPECIAL**
Lyle's Squeezy Strawberry flavour Dessert Syrup gives your desserts a delicious strawberry lift..
$6.90 $5.90
Maynards Wine Gums (460g Carton) (Best Before: 17/03/18) **20% OFF**
Maynards Wine Gums were first introduced in 1909 by the Maynard family. These retro sweets are a ..
$17.50 $14.00
Maynards Wine Gums PMP (165g) (Best Before: 19/05/18) (20% Off)
Maynards Wine Gums - firm, chewy, gummy sweets bursting with flavour but with no alcohol! PMP = P..
$5.95 $4.75
McVities Gold (Price Marked) (6 Pack) (Best Before: 21-04-18)
McVities Gold Bars are crunchy biscuit bars with a unique gold caramel flavoured coating.  S..
$5.95 $4.95
MINI Liquorice Allsorts (100g) (Best Before: 30/12/17) **20% OFF**
Mini Allsorts are a miniature version of the very popular Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts.  Made..
$3.20 $2.55
Monster Munch FLAMIN HOT (40g) (Best Before: 14-10-17) (50% Off)
Walkers Mega Monster Munch Flamin' Hot - REDUCED TO CLEAR.  These snacks are still in good c..
$3.50 $1.75
Monster Munch FLAMIN' HOT (40g) (Best Before: 02-12-17) (10% Off)
Walkers Mega Monster Munch Flamin' Hot are a spicy flavoured baked corn snack. To pre-order a box..
$3.50 $3.15
Monster Munch PICKLED ONION (40g) (Best Before: 02-12-17) (10% Off)
Walkers Mega Monster Munch Pickled Onion are a pickle onion flavoured baked corn snack.   Pi..
$3.50 $3.15
Monster Munch ROAST BEEF (40g) (Best Before: 02-12-17) (10% Off)
A mega bag of Monster Munch Roast Beef flavoured baked corn snacks delicious! To order a box of M..
$3.50 $3.15
Nestle Caramac (30g) (Best Before End: 10/2017) **50% OFF**
Nestle Caramac Bar:  Reduced to Clear. This stock has been reduced to clear as it is now pas..
$3.00 $1.50
Quavers Snack (20g) (Best Before: 25-11-17) (10% Off)
Walkers Quavers are a light curly potato cheese flavoured snack. Launched in 1968, Quavers are kn..
$2.50 $2.25
Robertsons Golden Shred Marmalade (SMALL - 227g)  (Best Before: 03/2018)  **SPECIAL- 3 Left**
Robertson's Golden Shred is a delicious orange marmalade, has a Royal Warrant and is referred to as ..
$4.95 $3.95
Rowntrees Jelly Tots (42g) (Best Before: 12/2017) **10% Off**
Rowntrees Jelly Tots are soft, chewy fruity sweets with a sugar-coating that contain fruit juices an..
$2.50 $2.25
Scampi Fries (25g) (Best Before: 11/11/17) (50% Off)
Smiths Scampi Fries  - Reduced to Clear These crisps are still in good condition and taste g..
$2.50 $1.25
Skips Prawn Cocktail - PMP (17g) (Best Before:  23/12/17) (10% Off)
Skips Prawn Cocktail Crisps are a "fizzy, light and melty tongue tingly snack". Skips are made wi..
$2.50 $2.25
Terrys DARK Chocolate Orange BALL (157g) (Best Before: 04/04/18) **SALE**
Tap and Unwrap a Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange Ball. Dark chocolate flavoured with real orange. ..
$12.50 $10.50
Terrys MILK Chocolate Orange BALL - 157g (Best Before: 15/11/17) **50% OFF - 1 Left**
Terrys Chocolate Orange Balls:  Short dated stock reduced to clear. ..
$10.50 $5.25