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After Eight Mint Chocolate (300g) (Best Before End: 04/2019) (20% OFF)
Nestle After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins are a classic British chocolate and were first introduced in..
$15.00 $12.00
Alpen No Added Sugar Muesli (560g) (Best Before: 16.5.19) (SPECIAL)
Alpen No Added Sugar Cereal is just like the Alpen Original Muesli however the sweetness comes mostl..
$11.95 $9.95
Barratt Catherine Wheels (6 pack) (113g) (Best Before: 03/2019) (REDUCED)
Barratt's Catherine Wheels are a 'true' classic liquorice sweet.  A strip of liquorice coiled a..
$5.90 $4.90
Bassetts Jelly Babies (190g Bag) (Best Before: 11.04.19) *SPECIAL*
Bassetts Jelly Babies have been around since 1918 and are now branded as Maynards Bassetts Jell..
$6.90 $5.90
Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts PMP (165g Bag) (Best Before: 15.03.19) (REDUCED)
The original and the best - Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts in 165g bag. Also available in gift box. ..
$5.95 $3.95
Bendicks Bittermints (200g) (Best Before End: 02/2019) (REDUCED)
Bendicks Bittermints - Short dated - reduced to clear. ..
$21.50 $18.00
Bolands Fig Rolls - 200g (Best Before: 18.03.19) (REDUCED)
Bolands of Ireland Fig Rolls Fig rolls are sun drenched figs baked in golden pastry. Delicious..
$4.95 $3.95
British Telephone Box & Post Box (Die-Cast) (20% OFF)
British Die Cast Metal Telephone Box & Post Box Set.  This traditional Telephone and Pos..
$16.50 $13.20
Burtons Jammie Dodgers (140g) (Best Before: 05/2019) (SPECIAL)
Burtons Jammie Dodgers:  Jammie Dodgers are 2 yummy shortcake biscuits with a delicious stre..
$4.95 $3.95
Cadbury Choc Eclairs Carton (420g) (Best Before: 04.07.19) (6 Left) (SPECIAL)
Cadbury Eclairs Cadbury Eclairs are a classic Cadbury treat consisting of a delicious Cadbury mil..
$12.50 $10.50
Cadbury Double Decker Spread (270g) (Best Before End: 02/2019) (HALF PRICE - 3 Left)
Cadbury Double Decker Spread is a delicious milk chocolate spread, with nougat flavouring and crunch..
$12.50 $6.25
Cadbury Heroes Premier League Tin - Limited Edition - 800g (BBD: 31.3.19) (30% OFF - 3 Left)
Cadbury Heroes Premier League Tin - Limited Edition Tin This Limited Edition Cadbury Heroes ..
$49.95 $34.95
Cadbury WHITE Buttons (UK) (32.4g) (Best Before: 03.03.19) (REDUCED)
Cadbury White Buttons Cadbury buttons are little button shaped pieces of white chocolate. ..
$2.90 $2.00
Campbells Shortbread Fingers (150g BOX) (Best Before: 31.07.19) (SPECIAL)
Campbells of Scotland - Campbells Shortbread Fingers - 150g Box Campbells shortbread finger biscu..
$6.50 $5.50
Campbells Shortbread Fingers (150g Cello) (Best Before: 31.07.19) (SPECIAL)
Campbells of Scotland - Campbells Shortbread Fingers Biscuits Campbells All Butter Shortbread Fin..
$5.90 $4.90
Colmans Horseradish Sauce (136g) (Best Before End: 01/2019) (60% OFF)
Colman's Horseradish Sauce - Reduced to Clear. This product is either near its best before date o..
$4.95 $2.00
Crawfords Bourbon Creams Biscuits (150g) (Best Before: 27.04.19) (SPECIAL)
Crawford's Bourbon Creams or Crawfords Bourbon biscuits, are a chocolate fondant filling sandwiched ..
$3.95 $2.95
Crawfords Morning Coffee Biscuits (150g) (Best Before: 03.03.19) (SPECIAL)
Crawford's Morning Coffee Biscuits A good old fashioned British biscuit that's best enjoyed with ..
$3.95 $2.95
Galaxy Chocolate Spread  (350g - New Bigger Jar) (Best Before: 12.04.19) (SPECIAL)
Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate Spread - New Bigger 350g jar Galaxy Chocolate Spread is a milk choc..
$10.50 $8.50
Galaxy Milk Chocolate LARGE Block - 110g) Price Marked (Best Before: 30.06.19)
Galaxy Chocolate:  A family size block of deliciously smooth Galaxy milk chocolate. If Galax..
$7.90 $6.90
Goldenfry Gravy Granules Beef (170g) PMP (Best Before: 03/2019) (REDUCED TO CLEAR)
Goldenfry Original Gravy Granules for Beef is a must for any roast beef dinner.    ..
$3.90 $2.00
Goldenfry Gravy Granules for Beef (300g) (Best Before: 07/2019)
Goldenfry Original Gravy Granules for Beef is a must for any roast beef dinner.    ..
$6.90 $5.90
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Goldenfry Yorkshire Pudding Mix (142g)  (Best Before End: 03/2019) (REDUCED)
Golden Fry Yorkshire Pudding Mix is a must for any Roast Beef dinner.   Just add an egg to m..
$4.90 $3.90
Grumpy Old Git HUMBUGS (120g) (Best Before: 03/2019) (REDUCED)
British - Grumpy Old Git Humbugs - 120g Box The "Grumpy Old Git Humbugs" sweet box makes a great ..
$8.95 $5.95
Heinz Farleys Rusks Original (18 Pack - 300g) (Best Before: 01.09.19) (SPECIAL)
Heinz Farley's Rusks - 18 Rusks per 300g pack. Rusks are a great way to introduce your baby ..
$16.90 $15.90
Hula Hoops BBQ Beef (34g) (Best Before: 02.02.19) (REDUCED)
Hula Hoops BBQ Beef Flavour - Reduced to Clear. These snacks are still in good condition and tast..
$2.60 $1.90
Hula Hoops Cheese & Onion (34g) (Best Before:  12.01.19) (REDUCED)
Cheese & Onion Hula Hoops are crunchy potato rings in cheese and onion flavour.  Want va..
$2.60 $1.50
Hula Hoops Original (34g) (Best Before: 02.02.19) (REDUCED)
Hula Hoops Original - Reduced to Clear This stock has past the manufacturers best before date so ..
$2.60 $1.90
Jacobs Mini Cheddars (50g Bag) (Best Before: 09.02.19) (NOW $2 EACH)
McVities Mini Cheddars have been rebranded as Jacobs Mini Cheddars. McVities/Jacobs Original Mini..
$3.50 $2.00
Jacobs Treeselets Caddy - 280g (BBD: 16.2.19) (NOW $2.50) (4 Left)
Jacob's Treeselets Caddy - 280g Spruce up your Christmas with these fun Christmas Tree shaped che..
$12.50 $2.50
Jameson's Raspberry & Peppermint Ruffles Carton - 218g (Best Before End: 03/2019) (2 Left)
Jameson's Raspberry & Coconut Ruffles - Peppermint & Coconut Ruffles - 218g Carton This g..
$9.50 $7.50
Knorr CHICKEN Stock Cubes (8pk) Gluten-Free (BBE: 04/2019) (SPECIAL)
Knorr's Chicken Stock Cubes are easy to use and will enhance the flavour of any dish.  Just..
$9.50 $8.50
Knorr FISH Stock Cubes (8pk) Gluten-Free (Best Before: 04/2019) (SPECIAL)
Knorr's Fish Stock Cubes are easy to use and will enhance the flavour of any seafood dish.  Jus..
$9.50 $8.50
Knorr HAM Stock Cubes (8pk) Gluten-Free (BBD: 08/2019) (SPECIAL)
Knorr's Ham Stock Cubes are easy to use and will enhance the flavour of any dish so try adding them ..
$9.50 $8.50
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Knorr LAMB Stock Cubes (8pk) Gluten-Free (BBE: 05/2019) (SPECIAL)
Knorr's Lamb Stock Cubes are made with carefully selected herbs and spices and will enrich any lamb ..
$9.50 $8.50
Lancashire Eccles Cakes (4pk) (Best Before: 20.07.19) (SPECIAL)
Real Lancashire Eccles Cakes - 4 Pack The Eccles Cake is a traditional English cake which is beli..
$7.50 $6.90
Lion Football Gums PMP (150g) (Best Before: 05/2019) *SPECIAL*
Lion Football Gums - were formerly known as Lion Sports Mix. Lion Football Gums are the original ..
$5.90 $4.90
Lion Midget Gems PMP (150g) (Best Before: 06/2019) *SPECIAL*
Lion Midget Gems - traditional gummy sweets. Lion Midget Gems are firm fruit flavoured and liquor..
$5.90 $4.90
Lyles Black Treacle (454g) (Best Before: 02/2019) (HALF PRICE) (4 Left)
Lyle's Black Treacle is an iconic British product introduced in 1950 by the Lyle's company who ..
$6.50 $3.25
Maltesers Chocolate Spread (350g) (Best Before: 13.04.19) (SPECIAL)
Maltesers Chocolate Spread - New Larger 350g jar Maltesers Spread is a chocolate spread with mal..
$10.50 $8.50