Mint madness.  A mix of hard boiled mint sweets like Evertons, Humbugs and Murray Mints to soft melt in your mouth After Dinner Mints from Ross's of Edinburgh.

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After Dinner Mints - Ross's of Edinburgh - 90g (BB:  18.08.23)
Ross's of Edinburgh's After Dinner Mints are small, soft pillows of delicious mint. A delicious l..
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Bassetts Murray Mints - 193g (Best Before:  17.06.21) (CLEARANCE - NOW $2)
Bassett's Murray Mints are a delicious creamy mint flavoured hard boiled sweet. You know what the..
$7.90 $2.00
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Foxs Glacier FRUITS - 200g (Best Before: 31.08.21) (SALE)
Fox's Glacier Fruits are fruit flavoured boiled sweets in six delicious flavours:  Strawberry, ..
$5.90 $4.90
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Foxs Glacier MINTS - 200g (Best Before: 03/2022)
Fox's Glacier Mints are a clear candy made with natural mint oils and no artificial colours. Thes..
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Grumpy Old Git HUMBUGS (120g) (BBE: 12/2021)
British - Grumpy Old Git Humbugs - 120g Box The "Grumpy Old Git Humbugs" sweet box makes a great ..
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Mint Humbugs (Wrapped) (100g) (BB: 13.10.22)
The Mint Humbug is a classic hard boiled mint sweet with a chewy toffee centre. A long time favourit..
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Polo Mint - 5 PACK - MULTI (5x25g) (Best Before: 01/2022)
Polo Mints Original - now in a very handy multipack containing 5 individually wrapped 25g rolls. ..
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Polo Mint Original Roll SINGLE (33.4g) (Best Before: 01/2022)
The Original Polo Mint, known everywhere as "the mint with the hole in the middle". These Polo Mi..
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Quiggins Kendal Mint Cake 85g (BB: 13.01.22)
Kendal Mint Cake is an energy bar made with pure and natural ingredients and Quiggins have been maki..
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