Breakfast Cereals

No better way to start the day than with a bowl of cereal!  Alpen or Weetabix anyone?

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 Scotts Porage Original Scottish Porridge - 1kg (Best Before: 13.03.21)
Scott's Porage - Original Scottish Oats - Large 1kg Box Scotts's Original Porage Oats are a popul..
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Alpen No Added Sugar Muesli (560g) (Best Before: 10.02.21)
Alpen No Added Sugar Cereal is just like the Alpen Original Muesli however the sweetness comes mostl..
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Alpen Original Muesli - 550g (Best Before: 16.03.21)
Alpen Original Muesli is a Swiss style muesli packed full of natural ingredients, its high in fibre ..
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Whole Wheat Biscuits (Weetabix) (24) (430g) (Best Before:  23.12.20)
Whole Wheat Weetabix biscuits are a high fibre, low fat, low sugar, breakfast cereal.  The b..
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