Soft Drinks & Cordial

Soft drinks and cordials from the UK and Ireland. 

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Barrs Irn Bru (330ml can)
The National soft-drink of Scotland and second only to Whiskey in popularity!  Irn Bru is a ..
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Ben Shaws/Barrs - Dandelion & Burdock - 330ml can (Best Before: 03/2019) (REDUCED)
Dandelion & Burdock has been around since the Middle Ages however in the early days it was produ..
$3.00 $2.50
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Robinsons Lemon Barley Water (850ml) (Best Before: 04.2019)
Robinsons Lemon Barley Water is "the original squash". The combination of British barley and zing..
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Tizer (330ml can) PMP (Best Before: 01/2019) (REDUCED)
Tizer is an iconic British Soft Drink and has been enjoyed in the UK since 1924!  Tizer is a..
$3.00 $2.50
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Vimto Cordial (1 Litre - 750ml+35% Extra) (Best Before: 04/2019)
Vimto Cordial is a concentrated mixed fruit juice drink made with a secret Vimto recipe.  Just ..
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Vimto Soft Drink (330ml can) (Best Before:  07/2018) **40% OFF**
Vimto is a fizzy purple soft drink!  Made up of three fruit juices - grape, raspberrry and blac..
$3.00 $1.00
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