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Double Dip Swizzel Stick (16g) (Best Before: 30/09/18)
Double Dips are two fruit flavoured fizzy sherbet dips (Orange and Cherry) with a swizzle stick f..
Drumstick Stick Pack (35g) (Best Before: 09/2018)
Swizzel Matlows Drumstick Lolly now in a Stick Pack. The Original Raspberry and Milk flavoure..
Parma Violets Giant (48g) (Best Before: 31/05/18)
Parma Violets are a delicately perfumed violet sweet. Another classic which has no equal!..
Refreshers Stick Pack - Original Lemon Flavour (36g) (Best Before: 31/01/18)
Refreshers Original Lemon Flavour Chew with a refreshing centre. Available now in a stick pack. R..
Swizzels Double Lollies Lollipops (3 per pack) (BBD: 03/07/18)
A retro favourite!  Swizzels Double Lollies are the original long lasting fruit flavoured Lolli..
Swizzels Loadsa Chews 40% Extra (189g)
Swizzels Loadsa Chews with 40% Extra! Enjoy this bag full of chewy treats including Swizzels Refr..
Swizzels Love Hearts Giant (48g) (Best Before: 31/09/18)
Love Hearts are fizzy sweets with individual messages on them like, love you, email me, etc. Cute..
Swizzels Mini Fizzers (9 pcs/72g) (Best Before: 31/07/18)
Swizzels Fizzers are a classic fruit flavoured fizzy sweet and these mini Fizzers are the perfe..
Swizzels Mini Love Hearts (9 pcs/100g) (Best Before: 31/9/18)
Swizzels Love Hearts are a classic fizzy sweet with cute "lovable" messages on them. There are 9 ..
Swizzels Snap & Crackle Chew Bars (3 Bars) (Best Before: 31/10/18)
Swizzels Matlow Snap & Crackle are fruit flavoured chew bars with a refreshing sherbet centre. ..
Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites Tin (750g)
Swizzels Sweet Shop Favourites From the makers of Love Hearts, Drumsticks, Parma Violets, Fruity..
Swizzels Sweet Surprise Tub (500g)
Swizzels Sweet Surprise Tub contains an assortment of all your favourite sweets including Love Heart..