Desserts & Puddings

Old time favourite desserts including Angel Delight, Birds Custard, Hartleys Jellies and Pearce Duff Blancmange.

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Ambrosia Creamy Rice Pudding (400g) (Best Before: 10/2018)
Ambrosia Creamy Rice Pudding is a delicious, wholesome treat without artificial colours or preservat..
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Angel Delight Butterscotch (59g) (Best Before: 06/2017) **SPECIAL**
Angel Delight Butterscotch flavour.   Instant Dessert for Little Angels! ..
$3.90 $3.50
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Angel Delight Strawberry (59g) (Best Before: 12/2017)
Angel Delight Stonking Strawberry flavour. Instant Dessert for Little Angels! ..
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Birds Custard Powder (300g) (Best Before: 02/2018)
Bird's Custard Powder is the "original" custard brand!  Created by Alfred Bird in 1837, Bird's ..
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Birds Dream Topping (36g) (Best Before: 11/2017)
Bird's Dream Topping is a handy mix to keep in your cupboard and use when you want to make your dess..
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Birds Strawberry Trifle Mix (141g) (Best Before: 07/2018)
Strawberry Trifle is a traditional British dessert which can be labour intensive however Birds have ..
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Cadbury Caramel Chocolate Spread (400g) (Best Before End: 05/2017) **REDUCED - 10 left**
Cadbury Caramel Spread is a delicious chocolate and caramel spread. Cadbury Caramel Spread can be..
$13.50 $10.50
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Hartleys Blackcurrant Jelly Tablet (135g) (BBE: 03/2017) **BUY 1 GET 1 FREE**
Hartleys Blackcurrant flavoured jelly tablet is a solid block of jelly and uses no artificial flavou..
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Hartleys Raspberry Jelly Tablet (135g) (Best Before: 02/2018)
Hartley's Raspberry flavour tablet jelly.  This solid block of jelly is often eaten straight fr..
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Hartleys Strawberry Jelly Tablet (135g) (Best Before: 04/2017) **BUY 1 GET 1 FREE**
Hartley's Strawberry flavour jelly tablet. Natural colours and real fruit juice. So good you can ..
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Pearce Duffs Blancmange (146g) (Best Before: 12/2018)
Pearce Duff's classic Blancmange in 4 assorted flavours (Strawberry, Raspberry, Chocolate and Vanill..
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