Soups & Seafood

A popular range of soups in tins and satchets from the UK and Ireland.   Imported food range includes Batchelors, Erin and Heinz Soups.  Seafood includes Parsons, Patum Peperium, Princes and Geo Watkins.

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Epicure Anchovy Puree / Anchovy Paste (56g) (Best Before: 06/2017) **SPECIAL - Last 4**
Epicure for Creative Cooks - Epicure Anchovy Puree/Paste. Become a creative cook and add depths o..
$6.90 $4.90
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Geo Watkins Anchovy Sauce (170ml) (Best Before: 01/2019)
Anchovy Sauce is a traditional seasoning which can be used whenever you want the full pungent flavou..
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Knorr Fish Stock Cubes (8pk) Gluten-Free (BBE: 02/2018) **NEW**
Knorr's Fish Stock Cubes are easy to use and will enhance the flavour of any seafood dish.  Jus..
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Parsons Pickled Cockles Jar (155g) (Best Before:  2019)
Hand picked in Wales, these Cockles are pickled in vinegar and are simply delicious. ..
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Patum Peperium - The Gentlemans Relish (42.5g) (Best Before: 01/2018) **SPECIAL**
Established in 1828 by John Osorn, Patum Peperium or The Gentleman's Relish is a Spiced Anchovy Reli..
$12.50 $11.00
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Princes Pressed Cod Roe (200g) (Best Before: 04/2020)
Princes Pressed Cod Roe is specially selected and canned to capture all the taste and quality from t..
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