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Perfect presents for the sweet lover in your family.  Sweets available in boxes, jars or tins.

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Altoids Peppermints (50g) (Best Before: 02/2018)
"The Original Celebrated Curiously Strong Mints" in Peppermint flavour!  First produced in E..
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Bassetts Jelly Babies (460g Box) (Best Before: 09/09/17)
Bassett's Jelly Babies are, in our opinion, the best jelly babies around.   They are ma..
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Bassetts Liquorice Allsorts (460g Box) (Best Before:  23/08/17)
Bassett's Liquorice Allsorts are, in our opinion, the original and the best Liquorice Allsorts aroun..
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British - Union Jack Mints Tin (Best Before: 12/2018)
British - Union Jack Mints Tin. This very patriotic, novelty tin contains 45g of Sugar Free Mints..
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Edinburgh Castle Rock Sticks GIFT BOX (Ross's of Edinburgh) (135g) (Best Before: 12/11/18)
Ross's Edinburgh Castle Rock is a melt in your mouth fruit flavoured rock which is very different to..
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Maynards Wine Gums (460g Carton) (Best Before: 26/09/17)
Maynards Wine Gums were first introduced in 1909 by the Maynard family. These retro sweets are a ..
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British Retro Sweets Hamper
A Retro feast of the best UK sweets around. Hamper comes boxed with ribbon and card and contains: ..
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Kid's Gift Hamper
This British Sweets and Chocolates Hamper is perfect for kids and, if truth be known, quite a few ad..
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Liquorice Lovers Hamper
Our Liquorice Lovers Hamper comes in a lovely gift box with ribbon and card and will be sure to sati..
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