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Delicious chocolate imported from the UK and Ireland and available here in boxes and tins. Great gift ideas for family and friends who are missing their "real" chocolate from home or just to treat yourself!

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After Eight Mint Chocolate (300g) (Best Before End: 06/2017) **Buy 2 for $30**
Nestle After Eight Mint Chocolate Thins are a classic British chocolate and were first introduced in..
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Bendicks Bittermints (200g) (Best Before End: 08/2017) **SPECIAL**
For the Connoisseur! The original, most famous Bendicks mint since 1931 is Bendicks Bittermints. ..
$21.50 $19.00
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Bounty Spread with Coconut Flakes (200g) (Best Before: 26/05/17) **REDUCED** 5 only**
Mars Bounty Spread has finally arrived in Australia! Mars has launched a range of spreads in the ..
$11.50 $9.50
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Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolates - LARGE - UK - 360g Box (Best Before: 17/05/17) **REDUCED** Last 1**
Cadbury Milk Tray Boxed chocolates.  Imported from the UK, this large double layered box of ..
$23.95 $21.00
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Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolates - MEDIUM - UK - 180g Box (Best Before: 25/04/17) **HALF PRICE**
Cadbury Milk Tray Box - Imported from the UK. This box contains a layer of the following Cadbury ..
$14.50 $7.25
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Maltesers Teasers Chocolate SPREAD  (200g) (OUT OF STOCK)
If you love Maltesers then you will love the new Maltesers Teasers Spread in a 200g jar.  Ma..
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Nestle Black Magic Small Box (174g) (Best Before End: 05/2017) **SPECIAL - 3 Left**
Nestle Black Magic Classic Selection of 9 different flavours of delicious dark chocolate: Coffee ..
$17.95 $15.95
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Terrys DARK Chocolate Orange BALL (157g) (Best Before: 06/09/17)
Tap and Unwrap a Terry's Dark Chocolate Orange Ball. Dark chocolate flavoured with real orange. ..
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Terrys MILK Chocolate Orange BALL - 157g (Best Before:  15/5/17) **REDUCED - Box Marked - 1 only**
Terrys Chocolate Orange Balls:  Reduced to clear. ..
$10.50 $8.00
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Terrys MILK Chocolate Orange BALL - 157g (Best Before:  21/12/17)
Terrys Chocolate Orange Balls:  Tap and unwrap a Terry's MILK Chocolate Orange today. &..
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Twix Chocolate Caramel Spread (200g) (Best Before: 21/06/17) **1 only**
Mars UK has launched a range of tasty spreads which includes Twix Spread. Mars Twix Spread is lov..
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British Chocolate Lovers Hamper (MEGA)
Chocolate Heaven! A seriously large box of delicious Chocolates imported from the UK and Ireland. Th..
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British Chocolate Lovers Hamper (Small)
This Gift Box contains our most popular chocolates from the UK and Ireland and is the perfect gift f..
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