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Bassetts Wine Gums (3kg Bag)  (Best Before: 02/05/17)  **REDUCED**
An even bigger bag of Bassett's Wine Gum for lover's of this delicious gummy treat. This HUGE 3kg..
$95.00 $75.00
Bendicks Bittermints (200g) (Best Before End: 08/2017) **SPECIAL**
For the Connoisseur! The original, most famous Bendicks mint since 1931 is Bendicks Bittermints. ..
$21.50 $19.00
Birds Custard Powder (300g)  (Best Before: 05/2017) **REDUCED**1 only**
Bird's Custard Powder - 300g tin. ..
$6.90 $4.50
Bolands Fig Rolls (200g) (Best Before: 17/07/17) **REDUCED**
Bolands of Ireland Fig Rolls - sun drenched figs baked in golden pastry. Delicious!..
$4.95 $3.95
Bounty Spread with Coconut Flakes (200g) (Best Before: 26/05/17) **REDUCED** 5 only**
Mars Bounty Spread has finally arrived in Australia! Mars has launched a range of spreads in the ..
$11.50 $9.50
Cadbury Caramel Chocolate Spread (400g) (Best Before End: 05/2017) **REDUCED****
Cadbury Caramel Spread is a delicious chocolate and caramel spread. Cadbury Caramel Spread can be..
$13.50 $11.50
Cadbury Chomp - 5 PACK (5x23.5g) (Best Before: 22/04/17) **REDUCED**
Cadbury Chomp Multipack contains 5 individually wrapped Chomp Bars each weighing 23.5g. Cadbury C..
$5.90 $4.00
Cadbury Crunchie Chocolate Spread (400g) (Best Before End: 05/2017) **REDUCED** 6 only**
Cadbury Crunchie Spread is a delicious milk chocolate spread with crunchie honeycomb bits. Not su..
$13.50 $11.50
Cadbury Dairy Milk DAIM Mini Eggs (86g Bag) (BBD: 31/07/17) **REDUCED - Last 13**
Cadbury Dairy Milk Daim Egg Mini's are a bag full of mini solid Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate eggs wi..
$5.90 $4.50
Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolates - LARGE - UK - 360g Box (Best Before: 17/05/17) **REDUCED** Last 1**
Cadbury Milk Tray Boxed chocolates.  Imported from the UK, this large double layered box of ..
$23.95 $21.00
Cadbury Milk Tray Chocolates - MEDIUM - UK - 180g Box (Best Before: 25/04/17) **HALF PRICE**
Cadbury Milk Tray Box - Imported from the UK. This box contains a layer of the following Cadbury ..
$14.50 $7.25
Cadbury Oreo Mini Eggs (82g Bag) (BBD: 31/07/17) **REDUCED - 2 Left**
UK Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo Mini's are tasty Cadbury Dairy Milk chocolate eggs filled with a creamy c..
$5.90 $4.50
Colmans English Mustard (100g) (Best Before End: 03/2017) **REDUCED - 3 Left**
Colman's English Mustard - Reduced to Clear. ..
$5.90 $2.50
Daddies Brown Sauce (400g Squeezy) Price Marked (Best Before: 04/01/18) **SPECIAL**
Daddies Favourite Sauce, the strong brown sauce. ..
$7.95 $6.50
Epicure Anchovy Puree / Anchovy Paste (56g) (Best Before: 06/2017) **SPECIAL**
Epicure for Creative Cooks - Epicure Anchovy Puree/Paste. Become a creative cook and add depths o..
$6.90 $5.90
Haywards Piccalilli - Medium and Tangy (Price Marked) (400g) (Best Before: 04/2018) **SPECIAL**
Haywards Medium and Tangy Piccallili is a mix of vegetables in a distinctive tangy mustard sauce. ..
$9.90 $8.90
Heinz Farleys Rusks Original 9s (150g) (Best Before: 1/4/18) **SPECIAL**
Heinz Farley's Rusks are a great way to introduce your baby to solid foods and are suitable for all ..
$8.50 $7.50
Highland Speciality Scottish Shortbread Fingers (100g) (Best Before: 31/7/17) **SPECIAL**
Highland Speciality Shortbread Fingers: Packet contains 10 "tray baked" shortbread fingers - a cl..
$2.90 $2.50
Ireland - Irish Flag (Large) (150x90cm) (5x3ft) **REDUCED**
Large Ireland Country Flag (1500 x 900mm) (3 x 5ft)..
$19.50 $15.00
Maynards Sours Roll (52g) (Best Before: 23/5/17) **SPECIAL**
Maynards Sours are delicious fruit flavoured, gummy sweets with a sour coating to taunt your tastebu..
$2.50 $2.00
Nestle Black Magic Small Box (174g) (Best Before End: 05/2017) **SPECIAL - 3 Left**
Nestle Black Magic Classic Selection of 9 different flavours of delicious dark chocolate: Coffee ..
$17.95 $15.95
Patum Peperium - The Gentlemans Relish (42.5g) (Best Before: 12/2017) **SPECIAL**
Established in 1828 by John Osorn, Patum Peperium or The Gentleman's Relish is a Spiced Anchovy Reli..
$12.50 $11.00
Paxo Sage & Onion Stuffing (190g) (Best Before: 07/2017)  **SPECIAL**
Paxo Sage and Onion Stuffing is a great stuffing mix for roast chicken and turkey.  Use Paxo..
$7.90 $6.90
PG Tips Tea -  40 Tea Bags (125g) Price Marked (Best Before: 06/2017) **REDUCED**
PG Tips is one of the best known and most popular brands of tea in the UK and with the innovative..
$6.95 $5.95
Rowntrees FRUIT GUMS Roll (48g) (Best Before End: 05/2017) **SPECIAL**
Rowntree's Fruit Gums are a classic British sweet. These mouth watering hard fruit gums are a real f..
$2.80 $2.50
Rowntrees Fruit PASTILLES Pouch (150g) (Best Before End: 04/2017) **REDUCED**
Rowntree's Fruit Pastilles are fruit flavoured gummy sweets with a sugar coating.   Rowntree..
$6.50 $5.00
Rowntrees FRUIT PASTILLES Roll (52g) (Best Before End: 04/2017) **REDUCED**
Rowntree's Fruit Pastille Roll - Special. ..
$2.80 $2.00
Sarsons Malt Vinegar (284ml) **SPECIAL**
Sarson's Malt Vinegar.  Quality vinegar with the distinctive tangy Sarson's taste.  Sar..
$5.50 $4.50
Scottish Oatcakes Family Recipe (200g) (Best Before: 30/06/17) **SPECIAL**
These delicious Scottish Oatcakes are hand baked in Scotland by Duncan's of Deeside and are extremel..
$6.50 $6.00
Terrys MILK Chocolate Orange BALL - 157g (Best Before:  15/5/17) **REDUCED - Box Marked - 1 only**
Terrys Chocolate Orange Balls:  Reduced to clear. ..
$10.50 $8.00
Tunnocks Caramel Wafer Biscuits (8 pack) (240g) (BBD: 31/10/17) **SPECIAL**
Tunnock's introduced Caramel Wafer Biscuits to their product line in the 1950's and they have bee..
$8.90 $7.50
Yeungs Concentrated Chinese Curry Mix (220g) (Best Before: 06/2017) **SPECIAL**
Yeungs concentrated Chinese Curry mix is a popular curry sauce in Scotland (where it is produced)..
$7.90 $6.90
Yorkshire Tea - RED - 40 Tea Bags (Price Marked) (Best Before: 04/2018) **SPECIAL**
Taylors of Harrogate - Yorkshire Tea - 40's:  This traditional Yorkshire Tea is a blend of 30 s..
$7.90 $6.90
Bacon Fries (25g) (Best Before: 29/04/17) **REDUCED TO CLEAR - 9 only**
Bacon Fries - Reduced to clear. NOTE:  These crisps are still in very good condition, taste ..
$2.50 $2.00
Football Club - CELTIC FLAG (Large) (150x90cm) (5x3ft) **Clearance Stock**
Large Celtic Football Flag (1500 x 900mm) (3 x 5ft)..
$10.00 $5.00