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Do you like a softer, chewy or gummy style sweet, then look no further.  You'll find all your favourite chewy sweets here from Black Jacks to Dolly Mix to Jelly Babies.

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Rowntrees Tooty Frooties (40g) (Best Before: 03/2018)
Rowntree's Tooty Frooties (Tootie Fruities) are delicious fruit flavoured chewy sweets. These lit..
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Scottish Tablet - Handmade in Scotland (100g) (Best Before: 03/2018)
Athole Scottish Tablet is handmade in Scotland to a traditional Scottish recipe.  Tablet is ..
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Strawberry Shoelaces/Bootlaces (10 Pieces) (Best Before: 30/11/18)
Katja Strawberry Bootlaces or Shoelaces are a popular Dutch sweet which are soft and sweet with..
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Sugar Mice (coloured) (2 pces x 25g)
Two delicious Sugar Mice with white sticks for tails. Sugar mice come in a mix of colours and pac..
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Sweet Champions Carton - 750g (4 Left)
Sweet Champions Carton contains an assortment of popular retro sweets and chews. The selection in..
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Swizzels Loadsa Sweets 40% Extra (189g) (Best Before: 31/12/17)
Swizzels Loadsa Sweets with 40% Extra! Enjoy this bag full of chewy treats including Swizzels Ref..
$5.50 $4.50
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Swizzels Snap & Crackle Chew Bars (3 Bars) (Best Before: 31/10/18)
Swizzels Matlow Snap & Crackle are fruit flavoured chew bars with a refreshing sherbet centre. ..
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Watermelon Slices (100g) (Best Before: 10/2018)
These watermelon flavoured gummy slices really do taste like watermelon with a touch of sourness as ..
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Wham Original Chew Bar (3 Bars) (Best Before: 05/2018)
Wham Chew Bar - 3 Bars: The iconic tongue-tingling Wham Bar from the 1980s is available in Austra..
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Wrigley's Spearmint Gum (7 Sticks) (Best Before: 10/3/18)
Wrigley's Spearmint Chewing Gum is a classic gum which was launched in 1893 and made its first appea..
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