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Cadbury Animals with Freddo Mini Biscuits - 7 Pack - 139.3g PMP (BB: 10.03.21)
Cadbury Animals with Freddo Mini Biscuits - 7 Snack Packs Animal and Freddo shaped mini biscuits ..
Cadbury Bournville Bar (45g) (BB: 06/2021)
Cadbury Bournville is a classic dark chocolate bar that was launched over 100 years ago in England. ..
Cadbury CARAMEL Bar (45g) (BB:  03/2021)
Cadbury UK Caramel bar is a classic British chocolate bar.   Cadbury dairy milk chocola..
Cadbury CARAMEL Chocolate - 200g BLOCK (BB: 27.03.21)
UK - Cadbury Dairy Milk Caramel Chocolate Bar in large 200g block so you can share with friends and ..
Cadbury Crunchie Bars - 4 PACK - MULTI (4x26.1g) (BB: 12.04.21)
Cadbury Crunchie Bars - 4 Pack Four individually wrapped Crunchie bars perfect for kids lunch box..
Cadbury Curly Wurly (26g) (BB:  19.01.21)
UK Cadbury Curly Wurly:  The Curly Wurly is a classic caramel and chocolate treat.  Wha..
Cadbury Curly Wurly - MULTI - 4 PACK (4x26g) (BB:  24.02.21)
UK Cadbury Curly Wurly in a Multipack of 4 x 26g bars.  Curly Wurly is a classic caramel and..
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate - 4 PACK - MULTI (4x29.3g) (BB: 05/2021)
CADBURY'S DAIRY MILK CHOCOLATE - 4 PACK Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate in a multipack of 4 indivi..
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate - 95g PMP (BB: 14.06.21)
Plain Cadbury's Dairy Milk Chocolate in a 95g block. Made with a glass and a half of milk to give..
Cadbury Dairy Milk STANDARD - 45g (BB: 17.07.21)
UK Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate - the luscious taste of a plain British milk chocolate bar. We al..
Cadbury Double Decker MULTI - 4 PACK PMP (4x40g) (BB: 19.03.21)
CADBURY DOUBLE DECKER MULTIPACK - 4 BARS PER PACK Cadbury Double Decker chocolate is a crispy cer..
Cadbury FRUIT & NUT Chocolate - 200g BLOCK (BB:  08.04.21) (4 Left)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Chocolate - Family Block The mouth-watering combination of del..
Cadbury Giant Buttons Pouch PMP - 95g (BB: 30.06.21)
These Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons are made by Cadbury UK. This pouch pack of delicious Cadbu..
Cadbury Starbar (Star Bar) (49g) (BB: 02.01.21)
Cadbury Starbar is a delicious milk chocolate bar shot through with peanut and chewy caram..
Cadbury Twirl - MULTI - 5 Bars (5x21.5g) (BB: 16.06.21)
UK Cadbury Twirl in a multi-pack of 5 single bars. Twirls are twirly milk chocolate fingers cover..
Cadbury WISPA - MULTI - 4 Pack - PMP (4x25.5g) (BB: 01.05.21)
UK Cadbury Wispa - Multipack Contains 4 individually wrapped Wispa chocolate bars - 4 x 25.5g. ..
Cadbury Wispa Bar (36g) (BB: 21.12.20)
Cadbury Wispa Chocolate Bar "Some things are best left in the 80's but others are not!".  Th..