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After Eight MINI EGGS 81g Bag - BBD: 07/2024 (REDUCED - 3 Left)
AFTER EIGHT MINI EGGS - 81G BAG - DARK CHOCOLATE MINI EGGS A perfect treat - classic After Eight ..
$6.90 $5.50
Galaxy Hazelnut Creamy Truffle MINI EGGS 74g - BBD: 26.05.24 (REDUCED - 20% Off)
GALAXY HAZELNUT CREAMY TRUFFLE MINI EGGS - 74G Celebrate Easter with Galaxy Hazelnut Creamy Truff..
$6.90 $5.50
After Eight Mints 300g - Best Before:  30.06.24 (SALE)
Nestle After Eight Mints Carton - 300g Nestle After Eight Mints are a classic British chocolate ..
$14.50 $13.00
Bendicks MINT COLLECTION 200g - Best Before End: 09/2024
Bendicks Mint Collection - Dark Mint Chocolate An assortment of four different dark mint chocolat..
Cadbury Bournville BUTTONS 110g - Best Before: 25.10.24
Cadbury Bournville Giant Buttons Pouch Pack Smooth dark chocolate Giant Buttons with the distinc..
Cadbury Chocolate Eclairs Carton 350g - Best Before: 25.09.24
CADBURY CHOCOLATE ECLAIRS CARTON - 350G Cadbury Eclairs are a classic Cadbury treat consisting of..
Cadbury Chomp Bar 20g - Best Before: 05.06.24 (10% OFF)
CADBURY CHOMP BAR - 20G Cadbury Chomp is a delicious treatsize bar of caramel wrapped in Cadbury ..
$2.00 $1.80
Cadbury Dairy Milk 45g - Best Before: 10.06.24
UK Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate - the luscious taste of a plain British milk chocolate bar. We al..
Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate 180g LARGE - Best Before: 24.03.25
Cadbury Dairy Milk FRUIT & NUT Chocolate - PM 95g Block - Best Before: 24.07.24 (SALE)
Cadbury Dairy Milk Fruit & Nut Chocolate - 95g Block This block of chocolate combines delicio..
$7.90 $6.90
Cadbury Giant Buttons Pouch 95g - Best Before: 11.09.24
These Cadbury Dairy Milk Giant Buttons are made by Cadbury UK. This pouch pack of delicious Cadbu..
Cadbury Starbar 49g PMP- Best Before: 26.09.24
Cadbury Starbar is a delicious milk chocolate bar shot through with peanut and chewy caram..
Cadbury Wispa Bar 36g - Best Before: 17.11.24
Cadbury Wispa Chocolate Bar "Some things are best left in the 80's but others are not!".  Th..
Daim Bar 28g - Best Before: 17.09.24
DAIM BAR Daim bars are a thin crunchy caramel candy bar covered in chocolate. Originating from..
Frys Chocolate Cream - MULTI - 3 PACK - Best Before: 11.09.24
Fry's Chocolate Cream Bars - Multipack contains 3x49g Bars. Fry's Chocolate Cream bar is a delici..
Frys ORANGE Cream Chocolate - MULTI - 3 PACK - Best Before: 21.08.24
Fry's Orange Cream Chocolate Bars - Multi Pack Fry's Orange Cream Chocolate bars are classic Fry..
Frys PEPPERMINT Cream - MULTI - 3 PACK - Best Before: 08.08.24
Fry's Peppermint Cream Chocolate Bars - 3 Pack A Frys Peppermint Cream is a rich dark chocolate w..
Frys Peppermint Cream 49g  - Best Before: 08.08.24
Fry's Peppermint Cream chocolate bar is rich dark chocolate with a smooth peppermint fondant centre...
Galaxy CARAMEL Bar 48g - Best Before: 30.06.24
Galaxy Caramel Chocolate Bar is Galaxy's classic milk chocolate with a soft caramel filling. If y..
Galaxy CARAMEL BLOCK 135g PMP - Best Before 15.12.24
Galaxy Caramel Collection Chocolate - 135g Block Smooth and creamy Galaxy chocolate with lux..
Galaxy Chocolate Block PMP 100g - Best Before: 08.12.24
Galaxy Smooth Milk Chocolate Block A large size block of deliciously smooth Galaxy milk chocolate..
Galaxy Milk Chocolate Bar 42g - Best Before: 21.07.24
Galaxy Chocolate Bar:  A smooth and creamy plain milk chocolate bar.  The plain mil..
Nestle Black Magic 174g - Best Before: 08/2024
Nestle Black Magic - Dark Chocolate - Gift Box A Classic Selection of delicious dark chocolates w..
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Nestle LION Bar 50g - Best Before: 05/2024
Nestle Lion Bars were first launched in 1976 and are popular in the UK and throughout Europe.  ..
Nestle Variety Pack - Rolo, Toffee Crisp, KitKat, Aero, Yorkie, Munchie - 264g - Best Before: 08/2024
NESTLE 6 VARIETY PACK Nestle Variety pack contains a mix of 6 iconic Nestle Chocolate Bars: ..
Nestle Yorkie Bar PMP 44g - Best Before: 07/2024
A Yorkie chocolate bar, is a solid crunchy milk chocolate bar. Originally advertised and marketed..
Terrys Chocolate MINT BALL 145g - Best Before: 28.06.25
TERRY'S CHOCOLATE MINT BALL - 145G - New for Christmas 2023! Tap and Unwrap a Terry's Chocolate M..
Terrys Chocolate Orange BAR 35g - Best Before: 28.05.25
Terry's Chocolate Orange bar - creamy milk chocolate flavoured with real orange. We also stock Te..
Terrys MILK Chocolate Orange BALL 157g - Best Before: 28.08.24
Terrys Chocolate Orange Balls:  Tap and unwrap a Terry's MILK Chocolate Orange today. &..