Hendersons Relish (284ml) (BB: 01/2024)

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Made in Sheffield for over 100 years, Henderson's Relish is 'The Spicy Yorkshire Sauce' that adds extra flavour to meat, fish, soups, pies, casseroles and vegetables. Perfect on cooked breakfasts as well!

Did you know that Marco Pierre White loves Henderson's Relish?  You'd think he would know a thing or two about good food wouldn't you?  Other famous fans are Peter Stringfellow, Sean Bean, KT Tunstall and Rick Savage (Def Leppard).

Suitable for Vegetarians.

For more information on Hendersons Relish, go to:  www.hendersonsrelish.com

Country of Origin Made in Sheffield, England.
Ingredients Water, Spirit Vinegar, Sugar, Colour - Caramel, Syrup, Salt, Tamarinds, Acetic Acid, Cayenne Pepper, Cloves, Sweetener - Saccharin, Garlic Oil, Emulsifier - Tragacanth and Isoproplyl Alcohol. Containing Sugar, and Artificial Sweetener.

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